All partners are members of the Association of German Average Adjusters (V.D.D.). Both Groningers are also members of the Association Mondiale de Dispacheurs, formerly A.I.D.E., which Jörn Groninger served as president. Due to these activities, as well as regular attendances at international conferences and the membership in "Allied International Services" (a cooperation of adjusters, average agents and other experts in Europe, Africa, North and South America), the office maintains worldwide connections and has often cooperated with other adjusters and experts in the marine field located all over the world.

The Bremen average adjusting office offers a wide scale of services in the marine field. Which mainly consist of the following activities:

Adjustment of claims of general average including all kinds of work connected therewith, such as collecting security for shipowners and salvors from the owners of the salved properties, acting as trustees for the collected funds and settlement of the case with all parties concerned.

Adjustment of claims of particular average on ships insured on German, English and other conditions including all kinds of work connected therewith, such as appointing average agents and surveyors, discussing difficult claims with shipowners, technical experts, insurance brokers and underwriters including the proposal of problem solutions, acting as trustees for underwriters regarding collected funds and payment thereof to the parties concerned, preparing payments on account and final claims etc.

Adjustment of loss of hire claims based on Norwegian, various English and other conditions.

Adjustment of collision / third party liability claims and apportionments of recovery.

Discussing insurance conditions with shipowners, insurance brokers and underwriters and recommending alterations.

In the beginning of 2004 we opened a branch office in Leer for providing better services to the River Ems region.